, Directly encrypt messages using the unbreakable AES encryption technology as used by the US Government for Top Secret Documents

You can encrypt Twitter, Facebook, SMS, Email, Documents and more...   only people who know your Pass Key can see.

Want to know how secure it is ?...     one message will take longer than the age of the Universe to crack..

Pass Key:
      Encryption Time = 0 ms
Paste the content you want to Scramble here, can be anything, ie, SMS, phone number, text, document, even an Email address.  Enter a Password in the Pass Key box above left, remember it and only give it to those you want to un scramble the message

If your scrambling something, press the Code button to see it, then cut and paste it into your application, ie, SMS, Email, Facebook or Twitter etc. Come back here or add a link to k8.org.uk/sigma.php to un scramble only by those that have the Pass Key.

If you want to decode something, paste your code in the Code Box above, enter your Pass Key in the box at the top left and press Un Scramble
      Always clear the form !